The Platform

Make our City a multi-generational destination

 Is it important to you that our City provide economic opportunities that will encourage our young people to want to stay here and raise their families? I will work to find a way to keep our high school students engaged in our city and want to stay, as opposed to leaving after graduation.  I'd like to see a larger number of students return after college. We need to have a goal of creating a multi-generational community like Winter Haven once was. 

Work towards adjusting attitudes

 I was taught to respect all people, but especially those who protect our lives and safety. No community can be strong without our first responders. We have to find a way to combat the disrespect toward these men and women that is rising throughout the nation, and without a doubt becoming an issue here in Winter Haven. I've spoken to many Fire Fighters, EMT, and Police Officers who say the level of respect they receive from the community has declined drastically over the years. Let’s work together to change this attitude. 

Protect and promote our lakes

 The Chain of Lakes is something that is so unique and special to our city. People come from all over to take part in something we have access to in our back yards. I'd like to see us find a cost effective way to clean the lakes and promote less pollution. I'd propose we start by cleaning Lake Silver, using it as a bit of a test subject to find the best way to clean the lakes before moving to the chain. This lake being the focal point of downtown and being used by our ski team weekly, I think it is a great place to start something we can all get behind as a community.  

Campaign Videos

Nikki discusses the importance of Winter Haven's Lakes